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What to do

Excursions to the discovery of the hinterland

Many tourists know Rimini, but few of them have also seen the green hills of the hinterland and the many villages that dot the valleys of the Valmarecchia and Valconca.
A village particularly known for its restaurants and local cuisine is Santarcangelo: the Museum of uses and customs of the Romagna people, the mysterious tuff-stone caves and the craft shops of wrought iron and the typical rust-printed fabrics.
Just 20 km from Rimini, there is Verucchio, a small village from which you can enjoy a spectacular view that embraces the whole coast, from Cervia in Gabicce. The Rocca del Sasso is one of the fortresses of the Signoria the best preserved: here it is consumed by the romantic story of Paolo and Francesca, told by Dante in the Divine Comedy.
San Leo, already known as Montefeltro, is located on a huge rock and is reached by a single road cut in the rock: the time, in this small village really seems to have stopped in the middle Ages. On the highest point of the spur rises the impregnable Fort, where he was imprisoned the Count of Cagliostro.

Amusement parks

The Riviera Romagnola is also called the “Riviera of the Parks” because it is rich in theme parks, aquatic parks and marine parks where you can spend a day different, but always fun.
Among the most famous:

Fiabilandia amusement park, with games and attractions suitable for tiny tots of two and three years, where to live an unforgettable day in the world of fairy tales;

Aquafan, famous water park in Riccione with slides, pools and water games;

Overseas, where a visit to the dolphinarium, several aquariums and a real jungle inside of a giant greenhouse;

The aquarium of Cattolica, the largest aquarium on the Riviera, where to get the sea and its inhabitants (including sharks, penguins, otters and many others...);

Italia in Miniatura, where you can tour Italy to discover its beauty, in a single day;

Wonderland, a park with attractions ranging from roller coasters to games for the little ones, with rides for the whole family and for various levels of intensity: impossible to get bored!

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